Wednesday at OneDomino

In April we started a new activity which we are calling ‘Wednesday at One’. It will take place on the third Wednesday of each month in the church hall, and we are hoping it might draw in some new people.

What we have in mind is a simple light lunch followed by some kind of fun activity. The light lunch might consist of soup and rolls, and a sweet such as cheesecake. On another occasion we might have some cottage pie.

The activity one month might be playing dominoes, another month Scrabble or Beetle. We will aim to have a certain amount of variety and are open to different ideas.

Jean Farquhar will be laying on the food and we will be charging £3.00 just to cover cost.

Wednesday 15th January at 1.00 pm

Wednesday 19th February at 1.00 pm 

Wednesday 18th March at 1.00 pm