Forthcoming Events             


Thursday 6th    10.00 am Coffee Morning

Sunday 9th      10.30 am Toy Service

Sunday 16th   10.30 am Nativity Service

                       6.30 pm Carols by Candlelight 

Monday 24th     4.00 pm Christingle Service      

                     11.30 pm Midnight Service 

Tuesday 25th  10.00 am Christmas Day Service   


Thursday 3rd    No Coffee Morning

                      BB Staff Meeting

Tuesday 8th     7.00 pm Elders’ Meeting 

Thursday 10th  12 noon  Café Worship

Wednesday 16th   1.00 pm Wednesday at One     

  18-25th          Week of Prayer for  Christian Unity                      

Friday 18th      10.00 am Unity Prayers at Queen Street URC                  

Sunday 20th    6.30 pm United Service at St Mary's Church                

Monday 21st    10.00 am Unity Prayers MCC                 

Tuesday 22nd   7.00 pm Unity Prayers at St Michael's              

Wednesday 23rd 10.00 am  Unity Prayers at Methodist Church                 

Sunday 27th    11.45 am Church Meeting  


Thursday 7th       10.00 am Coffee Morning


Thursday 14th     12 Noon  Café Worship

Wednesday 20th  1.00 pm Wednesday at One 

Tuesday 26th       7.00 pm Elders’ Meeting    



Friday 1st         Women’s World Day Prayer

Thursday 7th    10.00 am Coffee Morning

Thursday 14th   12 Noon  Café Worship  

Wednesday 20th  1.00 pm  Wednesday at One

Sunday 24th     11.45 am  Church Meeting

Sunday 31st     10.30 am  Mothering Sunday Service     



Thursday 4th    10.00 am  Coffee Morning   

Thursday 11th   12 Noon   Café Worship

Sunday 14th     10.30 am  Palm Sunday

Wednesday 17th 1.00 pm  Wednesday at One   

Thursday 18th    7.30 pm  Maundy Thursday Communion Service                   

Friday 19th       10.30 am Good Friday Walk of Witness from St Mary's

                                      finishing at Queen Street Church for Hot Cross Buns

Sunday 21st      9.00 am Easter Sunday Breakfast

                       10.30 am Easter Sunday Worship

Tuesday 23rd Elders’ Meeting  



Thursday 2nd    10.00 am Coffee Morning  

Thursday 9th     12 Noon  Café Worship                

Wednesday 15th   1.00 pm  Wednesday at One

Friday 17th       6.15-8.15 pm Boys' Brigade Car Wash and Barbecue

Sunday 26th     11.45 am  Church Meeting



Thursday 6th     10.00 am   Coffee Morning


Saturday 8th      Summer Fair

Thursday 13th    12 Noon Café Worship

Friday 14th-Sunday 16th FAB Weekend

Sunday 16th      10.30 am Father’s Day Service 

Wednesday 19th 1.00 pm  Wednesday at One

Tuesday 25th      7.00 pm Elders Meeting    

Friday 28th         7.00 pm The Boys’ Brigade Awards Evening                    



Thursday 4th     10.00 am Coffee Morning

Thursday 11th   12 Noon  Café Worship 

Sunday 14th      10.30 am Church Anniversary Service and Gift Day                             

Wednesday 17th 1.00 pm  Wednesday at One

Friday 19th         7.00 pm  The Boys’ Brigade Final Evening             

Sunday 28th      11.45 am Church Meeting       



Thursday 1st     10.00 am  Coffee Morning

Tuesday 27th     7.00 pm  Elders’ Meeting 



Thursday 5th     10.00 am Coffee Morning

Thursday 12th   12 Noon Café Worship

Sunday 15th      10.30 am Service Synod Mission Enabler Stuart Radcliffe

Wednesday 18th  1.00 pm Wednesday at One 

Sunday 22nd     11.45 am  Church Meeting AGM 


Thursday 3rd    10.00 am  Coffee Morning


Thursday 10th   12 Noon  Café Worship

Saturday 12th      Harvest Displays

Sunday 13th     10.30 am Harvest Festival Service  

Wednesday 16th  1.00 pm  Wednesday at One

Tuesday 22nd    7.00 pm Elders’ Meeting



???                7.00 pm  Loved Ones Service

Thursday 7th    10.00 am  Coffee Morning

Sunday 10th     11.30 am Remembrance Parade and Service 

Thursday 14th   12 Noon Café Worship  

Saturday 16th   2.00 pm - 4.00 pm  Christmas Fair

Wednesday 20th 1.00 pm  Wednesday at One

Sunday 24th     11.45am Church Meeting              




Thursday 55h   10.00 am   Coffee Morning

Sunday 8th      10.30 am Toy Service

Sunday 15th   10.30 am  Nativity Service

                      6. 30 pm Carols by Candlelight 

Tuesday 24th   4.00 pm  Christingle Service      

            11.30 pm Late-night Service  

Wednesday 25th   10.00 am  Christmas Day Service